Some works by Kohelet artists.

Many have been displayed at Beit Kohelet.

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Three Views on Larimer Street

Red Bed


Twentieth Century Perspectives 1

Twentieth Century Perspectives 2

Elliott Napping in the Shade

Math Theme Addicts

Life Cycles

Eliana Hettleman

Deanne Kapnik

All artwork ©Deanne Kapnik


Beach in Tel Aviv

Candles and Blessing

Dinner for Three

Figs in Jerusalem

Daughter’s Blessing

Calla Lillies

Gifts from the Divine

Fifth Sheva Bracha

Jonathan Katz

Jonathan’s creations are extraordinary prints of photos of everyday objects. Jonathan Katz | Prints for Sale is his website. If you are curious (of course you are) you can see the images that were the basis for these pieces here: Jonathan Katz | Basis Shots.

Monet Pond


Falling Fruit

Lion of Judah


The World According to Cats

Bison Dream

Nancy Flanders Lockspeiser

Many of these pieces are from Nancy’s series depicting the Song of Songs.

In joy shall you go out, and in peace shall you be led.

Set me as a seal upon your arm…

For love is as strong as death.

I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.

Miriam at the Red Sea

with timbrels and dance

singing the strength to summon us to right action

moving forward to an unknown future…

Shabbat silver candelabra made for Kohelet in honor of Tai’s Bat Mitzvah

Ed Stein

Fluent in both words and pictures, Ed Stein has been celebrated for editorial cartoons, daily newspaper strips and more recently, some pretty wonderful books. His latest, Comet Boy, is charming, eloquent and thoughtful. “With great power comes great problems they never show in the movies.” Here is a sampling of Ed’s art.