Shabbat & More

Our weekly Shabbat services are spiritual, participatory and melodic. Seating is not separated by gender. Men and women lead parts of services, read from the Torah, and facilitate d’var Torah discussions. There is a dairy potluck lunch at the conclusion of the service.

Shabbat services are held weekly on Saturday mornings from 9:45 a.m.- noon. We use the Metsudah Siddur and Artscroll Chumash. We have full services for the High Holy Days and other Jewish holidays throughout the year. We schedule Yizkor services on Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Passover, and Shavuot.

We are a diverse group – the learned, the beginners and the journeyers. We offer warm welcome to you if you are looking for a spiritual home, and we welcome those who love and support you on your journey.


Kohelet service leaders have recorded the sections of our standard service for anyone who wants to learn more about the service, as well as people who might want to try their hand at leading a service one day. Click HERE to see the videos.

Other Reasons You’ll Like Us

The Food

We all enjoy food and our Shabbats & get-togethers rely on potluck provisions.

We have had cooking classes (challah is easier when you see it in person) and we share occasional recipes. When anyone falls ill, has a baby or experiences any disruption in life, Kohelet members are there with food, comfort and good wishes.

The Art

There is something about Kohelet that attracts creative and expressive people. Several renowned artists have displayed paintings and sculptures with spiritual themes at Beit Kohelet.

The People

Koheletans are something special. And we like to celebrate each other at every opportunity.

Taking Care of Each Other

There are all kinds of ways to express one’s faith, and some do it by helping others. Kohelet is lucky to have people who are at your side when you need a meal, a ride, a hand to hold – all that you would expect from extended family. We have an official “chesed” committee and there are always Koheletans that you can count on.

The Historic Torahs

Kohelet is the owner of three Torah scrolls, two of which survived the Holocaust. 

Holidays & Programs

Kohelet members embrace holidays, celebrations and observances in ways that both honor tradition and encourage individual interpretations.

KOHELET TALKS programs have featured some fascinating members speaking about subjects dear to them from lawmaking/justice to music to philanthropy and more. It’s just another opportunity to enjoy discussions with brilliant, accomplished people.

We Like to Study Together

Current groups include Talmud study, Torah/Tanach discussions and Jewish literature.

Truly Memorable Bar & Bat Mitzvahs

Bnei Mitzvot will study with one or more of our extraordinary Kohelet members, and that mentorship and friendship often lasts long beyond this amazing period in their lives. You and your child and their teacher will work out a beautiful event and service, taking on as much or as little as you choose.


So many things to learn, to teach, to research!

Get a sense of the people, the books, the knowledge and options available through Kohelet.

For Members and Friends





Some Old Music

Just because it’s interesting.