Misty’s Adult Bat Mitzvah at Kohelet

             I didn’t have a bat mitzvah at age 13. My family belonged to a synagogue that didn’t even do b’nai mitzvot. They emphasized confirmation instead. I was fine with that at the time, but as I matured, I became more interested in Judaism and wished to grow in understanding and observance. For years I pondered having an adult bat mitzvah, but I always had an excuse: I was too busy, my Hebrew knowledge was rudimentary, I was too old, etc. Finally, in November 2017 I took the plunge. After studying for a year, I had an adult bat mitzvah. My husband and my sons cheered me on. As an adult, I felt liberated. I didn’t have to deal with parental expectations. I had no interest in a big party. And it wasn’t about getting presents. In fact, I asked people to donate to charity in lieu of a gift. It was about growing in knowledge, forging a deeper connection with my Jewish self, and appreciating the magic of the Hebrew letters as I read from the Torah. My Hebrew still is not great, and there is much I don’t know. But my adult bat mitzvah at Kohelet opened a spiritual door for me. It has been the beginning on something beautiful in my life.